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Self-Improvement Challenges

Introducing the Self-Improvement/ADHD Management Challenge Series!

Each month I will post a different challenge, to help you implement some strategies to make your life easier. Self-improvement and management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms takes deliberate, intentional and repeated practice. These challenges will provide you with some goals and hopefully, some motivation to improve your life in simple ways!

This months challenge:

The Launch Pad

What is a Launch Pad?

The launch pad is a designated spot for all your things you need to leave the house: your keys, wallet, purse, sunglasses, etc. It is the launching place for you to start and end your day.

When setting up your launch pad, use something visual like a box, basket, or a specific hook on the wall. Using just the same spot on the counter is not the most ideal, as your launch pad should be obvious and visually different than the space around it This will create a visual cue that will help remind you to use it.

A basket like this on Amazon makes a great little cubby for your stuff:

Where should it go?

Your launch pad should go as close to the door you use most often as possible. It should be out in the open and easily accessible.

How do I use it?

The second you come in the door: put your stuff on the launch pad. It should be the first thing you do before you take your coat or shoes off.

When you are leaving the house, all your things should be on/in the launchpad and ready for you.

Deliberately practice going in and out of your door and using the launchpad to get the muscle memory embedded in your body. The more you do this the better. 5-minutes of practice per day can make this an automatic habit very quickly.

What do I do when I forget to use it?

Set aside more deliberate practice time for that week. Practice sessions could also include practicing picking up things you notice should be on the launchpad but are not. Expect yourself to miss some things! We are not perfect robots and this is a new skill!

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